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Spending time on this website has reinvigorated within me how important art is in my life. I know that sounds crazy, but as I think more and more why I needed to put together a new website for the people the more I really needed it for myself. It was just recently that my former art school classmates and faculty put together a group on facebook that functions as a deeper critique tool for us artists who prefer more than a “thumbs up”. Not that we don’t appreciate the “likes” but in a real critique, let’s just say you need thick skin when you put your print on the wall (and you can’t hide behind an avatar.)

I appreciate the movement towards getting a more honest, constructive criticism– esp being out of school. I am continually growing and learning as an artist. We all are. To have the opportunity to receive this type of critical thinking from my mentors and peers is very rewarding at this stage in my life.   This brings me to the new imagery I am producing. The photographs I am working on now are really an exploration of the new medium. Similar themes of merging urban and rural/scenic, but I am mostly documenting the space and creating images that best reflect how I envision the landscape.

hipstamatic iphone trees backyard shadows lauren kaplan photo

Spring Glazes Over

This is part of an ongoing seasonal series, which can be viewed here  “Present” 

Also, feel free to check out my previous work “Past”

Thanks and come back soon to laurenphoto!

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