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Polaroids : the process


Working with Polaroid film has been essential to the growth of my creative process. Combined with the crude and quirky aspects of the Holga camera, the specific use of Polaroid Type 85 p/n film has enabled me to explore photography in a way I had never experienced before.  Below is the print that was processed using a Polaroid Back fit for medium format. To the left of the print is the silver negative which was soaked in a sodium sulfite clearing solution and then dried.

polaroid positive negative film type 85

here is one print (right) taken with my holgaroid (holga + polaroid back) and it's negative (after solution fix)

 Type 85 was special because it produced a negative and a postive in a medium-format. The dark and the light. This is an important attribute of my series Strange Abominations. The print helped me construct a vision for the image that I would later process from a silver negative only to turn into a digital form and back to a print again. That’s quite a cycle of processes. That’s why photography is so complex. There are so many layers and aspects to the medium. It’s not just about the gear or the output. For me, this series was as much about the process as it was about the image itself.

polaroid type 85 positive negative

"15th Street, Philadelphia"


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